About us

Who we are

Edibeck Consult was founded in 2011 to promote education, tourism and cultural exchange for Ghanaian students ages 6 – 25 years. Our first summer camp was a collaboration with Vineyard Camp & Retreat Center in Westfield North Carolina in 2012, whose president/founder visited Ghana in the same year for promotion and marketing.

In view of this, a group of Ghanaian students from Jack and Jill School, Englebert School, Deks Educational Institute and University of Ghana were sent to Westfield North, Carolina to represent Ghana for the first time at the camp. From that time onwards, we have advanced our expertise to also extend our students participation in camp and tourism trips to other countries, specifically the Netherlands and the UK.

We at Edibeck Consult know that summer camps abroad come with numerous benefits and our goal is to give equal opportunity to every Ghanaian student within the specified age limit to enjoy these benefits. In ensuring the safety of our campers, we have partnered with accredited camp operating companies and other affiliated bodies.