Junior Secondary School Campers

These are campers ages 8-16 years. These campers normally spend two weeks and are involved in activities such as cultural exchange programs, learning of basic international languages besides English, tourism, outdoor and indoor sports, shopping, field trips among others. Campers here can choose from the following camp packages;

Europe (Netherlands/Germany/Belgium)

  • Fun for Kids Camp – swimming, mega inflatable glide, movienight, Movie Park Germany and party fun night.
  • Adventure for Kids Camp – Archery, canoeing, swimming pool, building rafts, survival and Climbing Park Achterhoek.
  • Fun & theme park camp – roller coaster, movie park Germany, aquaventure slidepark, ghost walk, Hellendoorn, movie night and archery tag.
  • Surprise camp — water-skiing, visit to the Zoo, tower climbing and mountain biking
  • International camp – Designed for English speaking campers with selected activities from fun for kids camp, adventure for kids camp, fun & theme park camp and surprise camp.


  • Vineyard Camper – Designed for children all over the world within the ages 6-16 years. Activities here include recreation games, tourism and sightseeing, culture exchange programs and national day celebration, learning of basic international language (Spanish, Portuguese and French) and teaching of christian faith values.
  • International apprentice (IAP) – Campers here serves as ambassadors of the camp and must be at least 15 years of age and enjoy some privileges and responsibilities such as discount in tuition and working two hours per day,
  • Leaders in training (LIT) – Campers here are seen as future counselors and should be at least 16 years of age. Some of the privileges and responsibilities in this category include discount in tuition, gift coupons and assisting in the teaching of a specific sport 4 hours per day.

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