Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are set forth for all parents/legal guardians and campers who have been accepted to attend any of our summer camps abroad (Europe and USA).

General Adherence

Edibeck Consult is authorized by its overseas partners to organize students from West Africa to participate in Summer Camp Holland (Netherlands) and Vineyard Camp and Retreat Center (United States of America).


All our summer camps abroad are open to children in active school attendance at the time of enrollment and meet the age requirement for the various types of camps available. This includes student from the whole West Africa region.


The minimum age for all our campers is 8 years, but approval from parents/legal guardians and camp organisers can allow 7 year oldsto participate depending on the type of camp in question.


Campers should comply and agree to rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions associated with our partners abroad. These rules and regulations as well as terms and conditions will be made available to all campers prior to attending any of our camps abroad.


The mode of communication in all our camp sites is English, but other languages like Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese are sometimes used.


Parents/legal guardians should read and sign for their minor children and agree to these terms and conditions before their children can be allowed to participate in any of our organized camps.


Videos and photographs may be taken and used for promotional purposes. Inform us if you do not want your image to be seen in any of our promotional materials.


Campers are expected to exhibit good behavior throughout their entire stay both in and out of camp sites. Failure to do so, can lead to sanctions/removal of a camper due to misbehavior or whose behavior puts themselves or others at risk.


The use of pets and ownership of animals are not permitted on any of our camp sites


Campers should make known to us any health/medical/behavioural issues or conditions and/ or dietary requirements in order to help provide the necessary assistance on and off camp sites.


Fees paid covers return air ticket, accommodation, food, visa , internal transport and entrance to all camp activities (on and off camp site), but fees do not cover personal shopping and any other things not listed.


Campers are banned from bringing or using all tobacco products, alcohol and drugs of any kind in any of our camps.


Campers/parents/legal guardians will have access to talk to each other during the camp period. Various modes of communication will be made available to parents/legal guardians prior to the commencement of the camp.


All personal information gathered will only be shared with our camp partners with strong adherence to data protection and privacy regulations.


Visas issued to campers should be used for the sole purpose of attending a camp, and not for any other purpose.


Campers will be covered by travel insurance during the entire period of stay in any of the camps.


Campers who opt for our camp program in USA will have to fill additional forms made available to us by our USA partner.


Registration is free and can be completed on our website, office or with our partner schools whose details are located on our website (www.edibeckconsult.com).


Campers are to pay at least 25% of the total amount due not more than 7 days after registration.


All other payments due should be paid after receiving invitation letters and acquisition of visas.


In some circumstances, payment plan can be arranged with approval by all stakeholders. All payments due should be fulfilled before commencement of the camp. This applies only

to campers who have been approved to pay by payment plan.


Campers can cancel their bookings at no cost up to 7 days after registration to attend any of our camps.


Fees (visa and administrative) are non-refundable.


90% of total fees paid will be refunded if cancellation is made 6 months to commencement of any of our camp programs.


50% of total fees paid will be refunded if cancellation is made 3 months to commencement of any of our camp programs.


25% of total fees paid will be refunded if cancellation is made 2 months to commencement of any of our camp programs.


No refund will be given if cancellation is made 1.5 month to commencement of any of our camp programs.

Any cancellation on medical grounds will be investigated before a decision will be taken to effect any refund. This will depend on the time of cancellation prior to the commencement of the camp.